Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Charlie Morton is Going Platinum

Charlie Morton is insanely talented.  Not only has he completely reinvented himself as a pitcher over the past few seasons, but he's also a talented musician.  Don't believe me? Check out his music on his myspace page.

Because he's such a talented guitarist and singer, I thought it would be fun to show how Charlie Morton went platinum in 2012.  He might not be tearing up the Billboard 100s, but he was sawing bats in half with his sinker and that is good enough for me to keep adding to my large PC of "Ground Chuck".

2012 Topps Minis Platinum 1/5

2012 Topps Minis Platinum 1/5 (back)
I've only seen one copy of this card sell on ebay in the past and it went for a buy it now of $15.  I was PISSED!!! that I missed the opportunity.  Fast forward 8 months later and I saw one pop up for sale on sportlots.  Thankfully this was only $12 plus shipping.  Without hesitation I signed in and added to my collection.  Charlie Morton's platinum card is now in my possession.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah! You can listen to his songs there.

    2. He doesn't check or update it anymore tho if that's what you were asking. Its just the only place you can find his songs online.