Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tracked down a short print Pops

There's no football in Pittsburgh this week due to the bye week.  So instead, I'm going back to baseball.

Every year Topps adds "Legends" players as short prints to their base Topps set as short prints.  Every year it seems there is a Pirate involved.  I've often considered these not part of the base set and therefore I don't chase them to tuck away in my binder.  However I managed to find this 2010 Topps SP Willie Stargell in a $1 bin at a local mall card show so I figured I should add it to my collection.

Upon doing so I realized I need several of the past Pirates legends from the past few years.  They include
2009 Honus Wagner (#UH98)
2010 Honus Wagner (#600)
2011 Honus Wagner (#20)
2012 Roberto Clemente (#497)

These cards can fetch over $10 and are actually low on my want list, but if anyone has them for trade, I'd happily trade for them.
2010 Topps Willie Stargell SP 

In the meantime though, I'm going to file this Pops card away with the rest of my Pops collection seperate from my 2010 Topps base cards.  Those binders are exclusive to the base inserts, no short prints, no parallels.

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