Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Screw You Topps! I'm making my own update series

Collecting vintage cards allows you to see all the wear and tear that cards suffered during the past half century.  I recently found a 1968 Topps Donn Clendenon that had really sharp corners and no major surface wear.  However, the card has a lil extra writing on it.  Why?  Well because one of the previous owners wanted to update their Clendenon with a team that Donn never played for.

Over a 12 year career, Donn played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos, New York Mets, and St. Louis Cardinals.  He was a member of the Amazin' Mets of 1969.

One team he never played for though was the Phillies.

Evidently the owner of this card, wanted to make a fantasy baseball team with him to be on the Phillies.  Anyway, I grabbed the above card for a quarter at the weekly flea market near me.

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