Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 Donruss: #BUCN Style

I recently made small purchase from one of my favorite ebay sellers, for several of the 2014 Donruss inserts of the Pirates.  I'm not trying to get complete sets of unlicensed products, but when I can win auctions of players I collect for around $1-$4 a piece, it's hard for me deny adding them to my collection.
Up first are Breakout Pitchers and Breakout Hitters.  I like these.  They look like fun inserts and feature players that actually broke out on the baseball world last year (although Pedro Alvarez did hit 30HR in 2012 also)

Next up are some of the more expensive cards purchased from the group.  I have to be honest, none of these really jump out at me.  It reminds me of why Donruss was my least favorite card company to collect from.  They all look cheap and lazy.  The whole line (especially the Team MVP of Cutch) seems like someone was trying to get creative with a 1987 version of ClipArt.  I like the idea of the stats cards being numbered to an individual season or career numbers, but am not a big enough fan of the base cards to collect the rainbow.  I do like the player selection for the Game Gear cards, but it's still not enough to make me want to collect them all.

My least favorite of all the inserts though is the Box Topper Donruss Diamond Kings.  How can I hate on the Diamond King?
It's obvious!
1)There's no art on the card design anymore
2)The uniforms clearly show no logos because they are all head on images of the players (as they should be)
3)The design doesn't match the base cards, unlike classic Donruss which had the same borders as the base set.

Overall, the 2014 Donruss version is a lot of the classic Donruss line which I hated as a kid.  There's 3 plaeyrs to collect basecards of for the Pirates (Marte, Cutch, Alvarez) and a lot of inserts/parallels.  My suggestion is to save your money.

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