Saturday, March 29, 2014

It pays to be patient....

When the Bowman Platinum redemptions for the dual autos of Josh Bell and Bubba Starling were hitting eBay in 2012, they were going for well over a $100 due to the high expectations of both highschool teenage outfield prospects.  Bell suffered a season ending injury early in the season and Bubba didn't meet the expectations of the Royals fanbase.

Fast forward 18 months later and I was able to grab this dual auto of the young prospects for just over the price of a blaster.  Josh Bell is still making many sites top 100 lists, but Bubba has slipped due to his ineffectiveness at the plate in A ball.

I got a chance to see a few games with Josh Bell last year and the dude is an absolute power presence at the plate. In several at bats he was being pitched around as if he was the 2001 version of Barry Bonds. Minor league stats can be deceptive and I can say with full certainty that barring injury, Josh will be an impact player in a few years.

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