Thursday, March 20, 2014

The latest Jason Bay Dual Auto enters the Treasure Room

I haven't added a new Dual Auto with Jason Bay on it since November 2013 when I added a Dontrelle Willis and Jason Bay autograph to my collection.
2007 UD Exquisite Rookie Signatures Common Numbers 35/38
My latest acquisition featuring Jeremy Bonderman is numbered 35/38.  For those that aren't familiar with 2007 Exquisite Rookie-Signatures from Upper Deck, there was several dual autographs in a series called Common Numbers.  Both Bonderman and Bay wore number 38, thus the odd card numbering limit.

The above certified dual auto ran me $6.99 delivered and marks my 49th autograph of Mr. Bay.


  1. I don't have that one. I've seen it pop up a few times, but the BIN price was always a little steep. Glad you got a good deal. Maybe you and I can make a Bay trade someday. I'm sure each of us have doubles.

    1. That be cool. I have so many Jason Bay cards, its ridiculous