Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sketch Card Art: Starling Marte by Chris Henderson

I used to attend comic conventions and collected sketches of my favorite comic book artists.  I got a chance to get some really amazing sketches from guys like Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Joe Quesada, Steve McNiven, Jim Cheung, Marc Silvestri, and many many more.  The urge of collecting comic books has since waded, but I still can't turn my eye away from great looking artwork.

While browsing ebay, I came across this 1 of 1 sketch card from Chris Henderson.  Chris has previously worked for Topps by doing the Allen & Ginter Highlight Sketches we all chase in our pursuit for complete sets every year.  

I recently set up two commissions with Chris of some other Pittsburgh favorites of mine.  You will be seeing them in the near future and they are just mind blowing with the detail he put into them.

It seems appropriate that with the announcement of Starling Marte signing a very team friendly extension (6 years/ $31 million) to post the above card.  Starling has long been one of my favorite players ever since he was playing for the AA Altoona Curve and offered me a cracked bat.  Sometimes he can be frustrating at the plate when he's struggling, but for the most part, he's out there hacking at pitches trying to find anyway possible to get on base to let the other guys behind him drive him in.  I think that he has 20+HR potential and will often be in the hunt to win the NL stolen base title.  He doesn't walk a lot, but isn't afraid to be hit by pitches either.  His glove work though is where he shines as he, in only his first season, was nominated for a gold glove in left field.  I'm excited to have Marte and McCutchen patrolling the outfield together through the 2019 season.  

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  1. That's fantastic! Pretty cool about the cracked bat as well