Monday, March 24, 2014

McCutchen Monday: 2008 Just Minors Black Edition

Welcome to the blog, number 70.
2008 Just Minors Black 19/25

The above Andrew McCutchen is my 70th certified autograph of Cutch.  I haven't been looking to add many certtified autographs of Cutch since my dual auto/dual patch with Gerrit Cole, but for $15, I couldn't pass this sticker auto Just Minors card up.
Opening day is just around the corner....Let's Go Bucs!!!!

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  1. I'm always torn about buying the Mccutchen Just Minors autos. I have the Cutch/Heyward dual, but haven't attempted any of the others. Once I start I know I won't stop until I have every version known on earth.

    Shoot me your address when you get a chance and I'll start putting some stuff aside that I think you might like. My email is