Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Slabbed Tony! 2 down, several more to go

It was recently announced that Chris Stewart, the Pirates projected backup catcher, would be requiring knee surgery that could be season ending.  This presents one of my favorite players to collect, Tony Sanchez, as the likely backup catcher on Opening Day.

One of my 2014 Collecting Goals was to try to acquire as many of the 2009 Bowman Chrome Autographs of Tony slabbed 9.5 or better. Back in January I showed the base auto, the first of this crazy idea.

I've since added a 2009 Bowman Sterling auto slabbed also.
2009 Bowman Chrome Xfractor AUTO 1/225 
Today, I'm going to show off my numbered 001/225 XFractor from 2009 Bowman Chrome.  I'm sorry I cna't get a real good scan of it, but it's a real nice looking xfractor and auto.  The card received some very high grades 10 (edges), and 2 9.5s on centering and surface.  The only knock on the card was a 9 for corners.


  1. Do you think he'll make the team? Everything that I'm reading is that they were pretty determined for him to get the full workload in AAA. It is a tough call.

    Nice card! Good time to be buying Tony Sanchez. You are accumulating a nice bunch of 2009's. I'll let you know if I run across any for a good price.

    1. I think he makes the team. Let him learn from Russ and maybe exclusively catch one of the projected starters for next year (Morton, Cole, Locke/Compton)

    2. I think he should make the team as well because he is the best player. Just worried he won't get to play enough because Martin catches a lot more than the normal catcher.

    3. If he gets 50-100 at bats before he gets optioned to AAA when Stewart is healthy, I'd be happy. It sounds like Stewart will be back by May