Sunday, April 13, 2014

It came from the vault...

My latest Charlie in my pursuit to collect all the Charlie Mortons in the world has landed me another 1/1 Topps Vault gimmick card.
2014 Topps Heritage Blank Back 1/1 Topps Vault
The above card ended up costing me the most I have ever paid for a Topps vault card.  $42 delivered.  Have these suddenly become collectible or are people trying to outbid me knowing that I'm a super collector of the veteran Jersey born Pirates sinkerballer?  Regardless, I'm happy to add it to my collection as Ground Chuck takes the mound today against the Brewers in what has typically been the House of Horrors over the past decade.  Let's go Bucs!


  1. I got bitten by the gimmick recently, too, but not for $42. Someone else really wanted that Morton!

    1. I've gotten a couple blank back Mortons in past and they never go over $13

    2. You must have been bidding against a family member or an old girlfriend.