Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silence the Naysayers

A lot of Pirates fans weren't very high on Bryan Morris during the offseason.  Many were saying that he should be the odd man out of the bullpen as there were 3 very effective pitchers last year (Jeanmar Gomez, Bryan Morris, and Vin Mazzarro) all without options and only with 2 open spots.  Clint and Neal saw a lot of movement in Bryan's pitching in Spring Training and decided to send him north and have Vin sent packing.  Surprisingly, Vin didn't get picked up off waivers and has 3 days to accept an assignment to AAA.  This shocked a lot of people, but clearly Neal Huntington has a plan and is executing it very well.

It's great that the Pirates were able to keep the depth in bullpen arms, but has Bryan been succesful at the major leagues last year?  Well in only 7 games in the young season, Bryan has pitched in 3 innings with 2Ks, 0 walks, and allowed only 2 hits without surrendering a run.  In two of his three appearances, he's finished the games with a 1-0 record.  I'd say the last piece of the 2008 Jason Bay trade is providing quite a bit of value to the Pirates young early success.  Let's hope he can keep it up.

The 2013 Select sticker auto numbered 25/750 was grabbed for $1.04 off ebay.  Not a bad price for a quality middle relief guy.


  1. With Taillon out, I think they should give Morris a shot to start.

    1. I think that they have enough depth that continuing to groom Morris as a future setup man/closer is better suited for him. Let the Locke/Irwin/Compton/Worsley/Kingham guys be your depth. Morris is better suited in pen despite having 3 good pitches

    2. Plus it would take a long time to get him stretched out. I don't think he has started in over 3 years.