Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seeing Red: Tony Sanchez 2011 Heritage Minors

I've missed 2 straight McCutchen Mondays and for that I'm sorry to those of you that care about that sort of thing. Last Monday I got into an accident that came a foot away from likely killing me. Yesterday I spent 14 hours car shopping before I finally decided on a used Pontiac Sunfire.

Since this is a card blog though I'll show off another Tony Sanchez for the PC.  This 2011 Topps Heritage Red Tint parallel ran me just a few bucks and is numbered 308/620.

2011 Heritage Minors Red Tint 308/220

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  1. Glad you are ok. When you get a chance, could you email me at pezboy30 @ msn dot com? I have some Pirate stuff I'm looking to move and I know you will give them a good home.