Friday, April 25, 2014

Black is the New Black: Tyler Glasnow is ridiculous!!!!

I've shown off several Bowman Black autographs in the past which you can see by clicking on their names below
Jameson Taillon
Gerrit Cole
Starling Marte

It was just a little over a month ago when I posted my Taillon Bowman Black and stated "Taillon is the one that most excites me."  Well Jameson is currently undergoing Tommy John Surgery and will likely not make it to the majors until 2015.  It's very likely that the young man I am showing off today could join him in that rotation at some point next season.

The below auto ran me $70 and is one of 3 black Glasnow autos that I currently own
2013 Bowman Black Tyler Glasnow 20/25

Tyler Glasnow!

This young right hander is exciting to watch pitch.  I got a chance to see him pitch for the West Virginia Power last year and he looks to be practically unhittable as evidenced by his 54 hits allowed against 452 batters faced.  Go ahead and read that again if you want.
54 hits allowed against 452 BATTERS FACED!  That's ridiculous, right?
Want some more numbers?
Ok how about of those 452 batters faced, he struck out 164 of them in only 111 innings.  That translated to a 13.3 SO/9 rate.  Insane, right?
Well how about the fact that he did all that as a 19 year old.
Yeah this kid is something special.  He makes his season debut tonight for the Florida State League Bradenton Marauders.

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  1. Awesome looking card! I am very excited to see how he progresses through the Pirates' system