Thursday, April 17, 2014


I hate losing!  Which is weird when you consider that a team I've rooted for a long time couldn't seem to win.  I'm extremely competitive when I'm at my job, or with my friends playing softball, but I'm equally competitive when trying to win auctions on ebay.  I hate to lose.  It happens though.  A lot of auctions I put bids on just as a flier.  You know the kind where you say, it would be nice to win this auction for this price, but I don't really need this card.

Such was NOT the case with the card you see below.  I had to win it.  The competitive side came out and I was bound and determined to add it to my collection, no matter the price.

 I had to show off the back of the card first, because it is just so unique looking.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that Topps has produced Clear Acetate cards in this style before.  They are absolutely beautifully done and very low numbered.
The above is the front of the card numbered 3/10.  I was so caught up on winning this auction, I remember everything that lead up to me winning it.  I was heading on vacation last month with my girlfriend and we had just gotten to our hotel when I got the alert that the auction was ending soon.  We decided to hang out outside her car before heading into the hotel as I pulled out my phone and watched seconds tick by closer and closer to 0seconds.  I put in my final bid with seconds left and sniped the shit out of it.  Winning the card for (what I belive to be good value) just under $27 shipped.  Not knowing if anymore would be popping up soon, I had to add this to the collection and now that it's in my possession, I am going to search for the other 9.

Charlie Morton is on the hill tomorrow trying to get the Pirates closer to 1st place.


  1. I tried winning the Pedro Acetate card, but the price shot up the last hour and I decided to pass. I'll keep my eye out for Mortons for you.

  2. Thanks Matt. I tried for the Gerrit Cole and gave up with the prices sky rocketing