Friday, April 11, 2014

It's so tiny....

I grabbed my very first ever Gypsy Queen mini printing plate.  It's from 2011 and is the Cyan plate for card #214 Pedro Alvarez.  For the low low low low price of $8 I grabbed this from a friend at a local mall card show.

It's my first printing plate of El Toro.  He swings a big bat as evidenced by The 5 HRs he has already despite only 8 hits on the young season. He currently has one of the lowest baBIP in the NL (.125) but still has a 1.016 OPS. Despite the tiny average, El Toro is clubbing the ball opposite field and taking more walks. Its crazy that a guy who already has two 30+ HR seasons could be looking at 2014 as the year he officially breaks out nationally. If that's the case, I almost feel bad for pitchers of the NL Central. Then I remember the 20 losing seasons and that this was Neal's first draft pick and say "yeah wze deserve this."

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  1. The second Pedro Alvarez 1 of 1 I've seen tonight. Bob Walk the Plank showed off one on his blog too. Beautiful card!