Friday, April 4, 2014

Walk it off....sometimes it's ok to be blue

The first two games of the Pirates 2014 season opened with walk off winners from former first round draft picks Neil Walker (2004) and Tony Sanchez (2009).  What's more interesting though is that these two walkoffs were both MLB firsts for the former first rounders.

One of my collecting goals for 2014 was try to and get half of the 2009 Bowman Chrome Tony Sanchez autos graded 9.5 or better.  I had previously shown off the base auto from January.

I've had this blue refractor for sometime, probably since the beginning of January or maybe even the end of December.  I remember getting it for a steal of a price, $40 or so if I remember correctly.

I decided now was a good time to show it off though as the Pirates just lost their first game of 2014 and I'm feeling a little blue.


  1. That is a good deal. If that was a Gerrit Cole blue auto it would have cost $234,323,353,535.99. It is amazing how much the color autos from chrome can set you back.

    1. I don't collect much bowman chrome because of the prices. I love to prospect and really really really like Jameson Taillon a lot, but for $40 base or $700 orange, I'm going to just grab the base. I do super collect Charlie Morton and considering adding Tony Sanchez but that's it for me.