Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Starling Marte auto? For less than $4? OK!!!

Panini doesn't have a license.  It makes their cards less expensive and less desirable.  That's fine with me because I was able to grab this on card autograph of Starling Marte for under $4 delivered.

Yeah!!!! I like those kind of deals.  Despite not having any logos, this is one very sharp looking card!


  1. I'm always in the minority, but I like the Prizm sets. I liked that they added the on card autos for 2014. You get good bang for you buck. Off the top of my head I know Marte, Grilli, Tony Pena and Taillon have autos. Pedro also has a redemption auto, but I'm scared since he never filled the Topps redemptions from a few years back.

    1. Yeah. I doubt Pedro actually signs and if he does it will likely be sticker autos. The Tony Pena is a sticker auto too. I grabbed one for $2 a week ago