Friday, June 20, 2014

Another 1 of 1 Charlie Morton???? WHY NOT???

Charlie Morton is on the mound tonight against the division rivals, Chicago Cubs.  As is often the case when the Flemington, NJ born Morton takes the mound I like to show off a part of the greatest Charlie Morton supercollection.  Today I am bringing you another 1/1 from 2013 Topps Update Black printing plate.  I purchased this card for $32 delivered earlier in the year.  Printing plates have been increasing in recent years as more and more super collectors are buying all copies of a printing plate up that they can find.

Truthfully though, I just like having them in my collection and feel that $32 is a fair price to pay for something that you are the only one in the world to own....especially if it is of Charlie Morton.

This is my 3rd printing plate of Charlie.  The 2011 Cyan can be seen here and the 2012 Black mini printing plate can be seen here.  I also have a copy of his 2014 yellow printing plate, which I will show off in the near future.

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