Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blake Taylor to the Mets.

Blake Taylor was a 2013 second round draft pick by the Pirates.  He was recently announced as the PTBNL in the Ike Davis trade that happened earlier this season between the Pirates and Mets.  I mentioned on my Facebook when the trade happened that I suspected Taylor would be the PTBNL and nearly two months later I am correct.

He pitched very well in his professional debut going 21 innings and striking out 13 in the Gulf Coast League and projects to be a middle of the rotation lefty with good upside.  I'm not devastated by the loss of Taylor to our farm system, but the Mets have been doing a good job of recognizing where to send their players to if they want quality prospects in return.

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  1. As a Mets fan our farm system was depleted and non existent under our old GM. I am glad to be rebuilding it and getting quality players.