Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What became of eTopps? Why is everything digital?

I know that eTopps was a failed experiment by Topps, but it did produce some nice looking cards such as this 2008 eTopps of Charlie Morton.
2008 eTopps 130/749

Topps latest attempt to digital card collecting is Topps Bunt, but I haven't quite gotten into it.  I know that I should so that I can continue my conquest of trying to get 1 of every Charlie Morton card, but the reality is I'm not a big fan of digital card collecting.

As a matter of fact, I'm not a big fan of digital anything.  The other day I went into Best Buy and the entire CD collection was only 1 rack.  All country, metal, rap, soundtracks, jazz, etc was all together in one section.  This made me a little sad because I really enjoyed reading the cd booklets, looking at lyrics, reading the thank yous, who did recordings, etc.  The same is starting to happen to the DVD sections in electronic stores.  More and more stuff is going digital.  The day the world becomes a complete digital mess is the day I hope, I'm not around anymore.  I will not eat a digital pizza and I will not collect digital baseball cards.  Give me something I can hold in my hands.

I wanted the Pirates to give Charlie some run support today instead of him going 7 innings and allowing only 4 hits and 1 walk while striking out 11.

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  1. I'm totally in the same boat as your are. I miss the huge CD and DVD aisles at Best Buy.