Tuesday, September 3, 2013


For those that don't know the Zoltan! sign, it's from the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?"  One night at the Pirates clubhouse, the team was watching the ridiculous movie and after a Rod Barajas homerun with the Z symbol coming home, it just kinda stuck.  Well, to further implement that the Pirates are the team of destiny this year, the Steelers have just signed a punter named Zoltan Mesko.  Pittsburgh is going to go nuts!!!!!

Since the Zoltan craze started for the Pirates last year Topps has had a few releases showing the Zoltan symbol being used.

The first was Josh Harrison's Topps card from last year.

While it is exciting to remember Josh's walkoff, it's incredibly depressing to remember that he had no idea how to make a Z.  No Mr. Harrison, that is an S. Not a Z.  This is why you had to go back and forth between the minors and majors last year.  Learn the symbol, then you can come back up and play with the big boys.

2013 Topps Museum Collection Momentous Material 8/50

The first card from this year to feature the Z is a Topps Museum Andrew McCutchen jumbo jersey relic.  The same image of Cutch is also shared on a booklet with Starling Marte from the Museum collection.  So far no other releases have shown the "Z"
2013 Topps Pirates Team Issued Travis Snider 

The 3rd card that I became aware of using the Z was the Pirates Team Set version of Travis Snider.


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    1. One of the Zoltan! cultists who also played a character known as Donkey Lips from the Nickelodeon show Salute Your Shorts. No, I didn't know this off the top of my head. I Google'd it.