Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 Heritage & 2011 Ginter for trade

Over the weekend I attended a small local card show and picked up a box each of 2012 Heritage and 2011 Allen & Ginter that were priced really well.  The Heritage box was loaded with great pulls!!!!

this Kemp photoswap card has already been claimed by Greg at Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle
 here's the chrome I got in my box.  None are refractors and all are numbered to 1963
 the inserts from the packs pulled
 ooohhh stickers

The big hit that's not a hit.  A SSP Dan Haren with Mark Trumbo photo.  These cards are selling for around $100 on ebay, but it won't cost you nearly that much if you're interested in trading for it.

a Juan Marichal 1963 mint coin card redemption.  Another big hit as these are selling around $40+ on the bay.
my official hit of the box. WooHoo! Can you sense sarcastic excitement via the interwebs?

The box topper ad card.  Features 2 Phillies if anyone's interested.

I also got a bunch of singles if anyone needs any just let me know.  I'm probably not going to chase this set even though I like the design a lot and the player selection is pretty good.  Whether I collect the entire set or not, I definitely am looking to complete the Pirates team set.  Here's my needs.
151 Pirates Team card
184 Jared Hughes
259 Neil Walker
323 Chase D'arnaud
364 Jose Tabata
393 Clint Hurdle (have one already but it was damaged)
477 Derrek Lee
492 Joel Hanrahan

I'm also looking for any of the hits
McCutchen Clubhouse Collection
any of the Real One Autographs
Stargell or Clemente coin cards
Clemente Forbes Field seat
McCutchen sticker
any Pirates chrome

My Allen & Ginter box didn't yield such success

I was pretty unfortunate in getting no superstar relics in my box.

My topper was this Albert Pujols 

I'm not going to post every card that I got or even type them.  There's plenty of minis and inserts and sp so if you're still chasing this set, leave me a comment with your needs and I'll see if I pulled them.

I know that there are some pending trades that I need to follow up on.  If you have not received your end of our agreed trade, just shoot me an email to remind me what you were getting and they will be in the mail by the end of the week. GUARANTEED!  Sorry for any delays folks.
maruaderx [at] rocketmail [dot] com


  1. If you haven't packed up my cards yet, I'd be interested in the Kershaw/Sandy. If you have, no worries.

  2. I figured you would want the Kershaw/Koufax. It's an awesome looking card. Consider it yours.

  3. Thanks! I'll continue adding to your pile!

  4. Did you get any Rockies minis or code cards? That's about all I have left from A&G.

  5. I could use the Chrome batting leaders with Michael Young.

  6. Darn PATP beat me tot he chrome card I needed. I could use the Rest of the Red Sox though...

  7. I could use those Kennedy cards too if they're up for trade. I'll be sticking that McCutchen sticker in your package.