Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage 1975s half price

I was recently at a card show at the mall where they had a box of 1/2 priced vintage.  I didn't have much time to go searching and searching through every single box, but did find a few 1975 Pirates I needed to complete my team set.  It was very exciting to get the cards you see below for $4.  It should have been $9, but with the half price markdown it would be $4.50.  Neither of us had .50 so he said $4 is fine.

This brings my needs to 3 for the completion of the 1975 Pirates team set.
I still need
29 Dave Parker
53 Dave Giusti
538 Duffy Dyer 
I think I've invested less than $10 for this team set so far so that is pretty sweet if you ask me.  Only 3 more cards to go.
Once I complete this set I will be have complete team sets of 1974-2012 including short prints, updates, traded, stat leaders, etc.  1972 is a year I am really lacking on, but I do have one of the big ticket Clemente already checked off.   1971 and 1970 are getting close to being completed too.

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