Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tabata & Walker collection updates

I'm a little short on time (as is often the case with me) but figured I would show off some new cards I've picked up for my Neil Walker and Jose Tabata collections.  I also picked up a bunch of base for the collection, but didn't feel compelled to show them off in this post.

2 Neil Walker 2012 AUTOs
the opening day was pack pulled and it's the first time I've ever pulled a Neil Walker auto in a pack.  I was stoked!!!!
2011 Topps Heritage Stamps with Delmon Young and Neil Walker

I already a dual and triple relic Marquee Tabata cards, but these two below interested me greatly.

This Tabata triple marquee has 2 jerseys and 1 bat.  My previous one was all jersey swatches.
Check out the Pirate's logoman on that card above. Fricking sweet, right?


  1. Damn, nice additions! And congrats on the sweet pull!

  2. Those are some great additions right there!!