Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dodgerbobble Hooked me Up AGAIN!

 Josh from Dodger Bobble made a trade with me about a month ago and sent me a pretty sweet collection of cards I needed for my PC.  The main card of the trade was a Frank Thomas jersey card I wanted.  He also sent over a few Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers in exchange for this collection of Dodger relics.  

I was pretty happy with the trade being where it was.  Well Josh sent me over some more cards and I am extremely grateful to add these to my growing Penguins collection.  Look at how young Jaromir Jagr was when he was drafted.  I miss that mullet scoring goals for the Pens.

He also hooked me up with a Jerome Bettis and numbered Troy Polamalu.  I didn't have either of these so they are welcome additions to the collection.

To top things off I got a collection of Pirates.  Some I had, some I didn't.
The ones I didn't are fricking sweet additions.  I'll show the highlights below.
From the 2007 Topps Perez Sketch Cards subset is this Freddy Sanchez.  Sketch cards are awesome.  Even if they are reprinted inserts.  Freddy Sanchez is awesome even if he's not a Pirate anymore.

An AUTO of Abraham Nunez from 1999 Upper Deck ProSigns.  Nunez showed promise early in his career as being a super utility player, but never got enough playing time to show his skills.  Due to a lack of playing time and inability to shine when given starting roles, he had trouble sticking in the majors over his career.  Nunez' best season with the Pirates came in 2003 when he batted .248 with 9 triples, 37 runs scored, and 35 RBI.  That year he also hit 4 homeruns which was the most he would hit in a Pirates uniform.  After stints with the Cardinals, Phillies, and Mets, Nunez is currently playing for the NJ Jackals in the Canadian-American League.

Finally is 3 Andrew McCutchen cards that I previously didn't own.  The quickest way to win me over is by sending me a few Cutch cards for my PC.

With all these Dodger collectors I'm trading with, I don't think I'm going to have any Dodgers left by the end of the year.  Anyone need Steve Sax cards from 1988?  I got a few of those left.  Any interest?

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  1. Glad you like everything, and thanks again for the trade. I hope to do it again!