Tuesday, March 13, 2012

trade with Cards from the Quarry

Johnny aka hiflew at Cards from the Quarry made a trade with me when he saw my blue parallel Drew Pomeranz 2012 Topps card I pulled from a blaster.  The deal was gong to be the Pomeranz and a large assortment of Rockies for the 2012 Andrew McCutchen '87 Topps mini and an assortment of Pirates.  For some reason, I couldn't find all my pre 2011 Rockies so I decided to give up a pack pulled Todd Helton relic from 2002 (?) that I was hoping he didn't have. 

Here's some of the highlights of what I got:
up first is the centerpiece of the trade.  As everyone know's Cutch is my favorite player to collect.  The dude is a future superstar.  I actually needed 2 of these.  One for the PC and one for my '87 Topps minis set.  I had one and am now happy to put this in the McCutchen binder for safe keeping.
 2 Pirates Hall of Famers.  The Clementes are the Archive reprints, but I don't own the reprints (or originals for that matter) so I'm happy to get them.  The Maz is a card I had never seen before.  It's copyrighted CMC 1989 and is number 67 of a Baseball Greats set.  Anyone have any information about this set?  Were there other Pirates in the set? 
 Bazooka minis are fun.  I have a binder of Jason Bay and Jason Kendall and a plethora of Mike Williams cards.  These are all new additions to the collections.
I just love getting new cards I didn't have before and every single one of these is new to my collection.  Doumits and McCutchens I don't already have are always the highlight of a trade package for me.  I just love adding to my player collections. 
Holy crap! I miss SportsFlics cards!!!!!!  Nothing says late 80s awesomeness like a SportFlics card.  I remember when these things came out, they were awesome.  Come to think of it, they still are.  John Smiley is my favorite left handed Pirates pitcher of all time so this makes me remember what it was like being 9 years old again.  GO BUCS!!!!

Thanks so much for the trade and I look forward to trading with you again.

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  1. I am glad you needed so much of that package. I miss Sportflics too and pretty much the entire Score company. I always thought Score sets were underrated.

    The Maz is from a set called Swell Baseball Greats by the Philadelphia Gum Company. 3 different sets were put out from 1989-91 before getting retired players in new packs was way too common. The Maz is specifically from the 1989 set.

    The Helton relic was needed and very much appreciated. I should have my trade post for you ready to go within the next week, but your package came in on the same day as my last trade post.