Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jason Bay Met Relics pickups

There's a lot of Mets fans in NJ.  That makes prices on Mets cards where I live very expensive which is often ok with me.  There's not a single person on the current Mets team that I care about except the first Canadian to win the Rookie of the Year.  Yes, this post is going to feature more Jason Bay awesomeness.  Man, do I love adding Jason Bay cards to my collection.  These were all recently picked up off the bay.

I am very happy to add this card to my collection for the price I paid for it.  It actually looked like I was going to win this for $2 until the final 4 seconds.  Final price on this canary 2011 Lineage mini relic numbered 5/10 was only $10.50.  It would have been nice to walk away with a card this rare for under $10 but I'll gladly pay the 10.50 any day of the week to increase my Jason Bay collection instead of buying a blaster of Topps Opening Day.

This 2010 Topps Bat Barrel is the black variant numbered to 25, this one being number 23.  Although it's not actually game used, it sure does look cool.  This idea for 2010 was a lot better than the 2011 leather glove idea that Topps had.  This marks my 3rd Bay hit in a Mets uniform.  Hopefully for the Mets sake he can contribute more to their team than what he has the past few years.  Bay is still one of my favorite players to watch play.  I bought this for $4.