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Katy Perry Helps PTR Blog

Blogging can get kind of boring from time to time.  You often find yourself trying to come up with new ways to seem original and not post the same rants everyday.  During the offseason, it's especially hard finding stuff to keep my mind entertained.  When I decided I was going to do a post featuring some new Pirates letter cards I recently bought, I immediately thought of Sesame Street.  When my adult male mind thinks of Sesame Street I think of this.

So with the help of Katy Perry, today's post features the letter R and the number 3.

Where does the letter "R" fit in with Jason Bay?  Well, quite simply it was used to spell out Pittsburgh Pirates.  Good Luck to anyone wishing to put that together.

I decided it would be fun to try and put my last name together using lettered cards of Pirates I actually liked watching play.  Here's what I have so far...
S (Jameson Taillon USA)
T (Nate McLouth)
R (Tom Gozelanny)
Y (most likely it will be Bay)
K (Bill Mazeroski)
E (this letter is tough to find, I need one for D McCutchen too)
R (Nyjer Morgan)
This 2010 Triple Threads relic features jerseys of Jason Bay and David Wright and a Gary Carter (RIP) bat relic.  This card is sweet!!!! It has a Wright patch and the Bay jersey swatch is red, maybe from his Red Sox days (?).  This emerald variant is numbered 14/18.  It cost me $45 which is pricy, but I've seen parallels of this card with higher print runs sell for $60+ where I live.

This is now the 3rd Jason Bay/Matt Holliday card I own.  To top it off, it also has Carlos Lee.  A sweet pickup for $5 off ebay.  I actually have a double of this, so if any Astros or Rockies are looking to add this card to their collection let me know as I won both on the same day without getting sniped.
I made a commitment to get a lot of multiplayer hits with Jason Bay this year.  The selection of available players Jason has appeared on cards with is not that impressive unless you like Bobby Crosby or Manny Ramirez.  This card is nice because I like Jacoby, but I think it would have been 10x better if it included one of the players involved in the 3 team trade that sent Jason to Boston and Manny to LA.  Granted the value and desire of said card would not have been very high, but I would have been very happy to see Andy Laroche or Craig Hansen on this card since they were supposed to be key pieces in the trade.  Then again this card is called Winning Materials so why should the Pirates name be on it.  Oh the cleverness of you Upper Deck.  Oh the cleverness!

This 2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Diamond Signings features 2 Canadians and a Floridian.  The selection of players on this card is unique in that none of them have anything in common that I see.  Kotchman was drafted in 2001 with the 13th overall pick.  Morneau was selected as a catcher in 1999 and Bay selected in the 22nd round in 2000.  This card does feature an auto of the all-time record holder for consecutive putotus at 1B without an error in Casey Kotchman (2,379). It also has the 2006 MVP and 2004 ROY. Not a bad pickup for $22 (just a bit more than a 2012 Heritage blaster which would have no guarantee hit).    

This 2005 Donruss Prime Patches Portraits features 3 game used relics of Jason Bay.  The card is numbered 101/150.  There's a lot of variations of this card out there.  Some have autos and 1 relic. Some are dual relic no auto.  I'd love to bust a box of these one day. 
This Freddy Sanchez 2007 Triple Threads has 3 nice yellow swatches and also an auto of the former Pirates batting champion.  A lot of the success this year for the Giants may rely on Freddy's health.  With him out of the lineup, their offense was one of the worse in baseball.

Willie Stargell is a HOF legend not just in Pittsburgh but throughout all of baseball.  He was the face of the franchise for many years and a leader in the clubhouse.  He helped the Pirates win 2 World Series (71 & 79) and was immortalized with a statue outside the Pirates ballparks.  This 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia features 3 game used relics and is numbered 8/25 (his jersey number). 

Autographs 18 (3 multiplayer)
Relics 35 (8 multiplayer)
1/1s 1

Thanks to guys who saw boobs viewers like you for making this post possible. 

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  1. You have some awesome cards and thanks for the midday Katy to brighten my afternoon.