Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trade Post with Spiegel

Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter sent me a nice lot of Pirates along with a Bobby Bonilla 1989 he got signed TTM. 

I have previously sent a TTM to Mr. Bonilla myself and got it back in less a couple weeks.  I'm very happy to add a second Bobby Bo auto to my collection. 

Here's the other cards that Spiegel sent me.
First up some quasi vintage.  I like the archives cards and am always happy to add Parker, Maz, and Scoop to my collection.  This image also features the Candy Man John Candaleria who played for the Pirates at the begining of his career and finished his career with the Bucs.

These groups of 9 have some of my past favorite Pirates on it. 
I think I now have close to a dozen of that Jason Kendall rookie.  Sweet!!!  A Jack Wilson rookie that had previously eluded me and an unlicensed Bobby Bonilla Post card.  I didn't buy a single pack of Topps Chrome last year because quite frankly I'm tired of it.  I do however enjoy adding the Pirates to my collection when they come over in trades.  Thanks for the Walker and Alvarez. 

The next batch of 9 has a mini of Ryan Doumit from Goudey that I previously didn't have.  Keep sending those Doumits people.  3 Nyjer Morgan rookies also highlight the second group.  I always liked the energy that Nyjer "Tony Plush" Morgan brought to the field everyday.  While his attitude can sometimes be questioned, there's no doubt that when he's having fun he's at his best. 

Whenever I see a card of Chris Duffy, I think of how much impact bad coaching can have on a player.  Duffy was hitting well over .300 throughout his entire minor league career while averaging around 30SB a season.  When he made the show in 2005 he hit an impressive .341 over 39 games while stealing 2 bags and posting a .988 fielding percentage in CF.  In 2006, Duffy was asked to change his swing by then Pirates manager Jim Tracy and it eventually lead to Duffy considering to retire from professional sports.  He nearly had an emotional breakdown and was suspended for the rest of the season without pay.  After several seasons of being called up and sent back down to the minors, he hasn't played since 2009.

Thanks so much for the trade Spiegel.  I hope you enjoy everything I sent out to you today.

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  1. Great trade. I hope we get to trade again real soon.