Friday, March 16, 2012

Need help with ebay purchase

For some reason, I am unable to do a buy-it-now on this item.  It looks like the seller has blocked me, even though I have never bought an item from them in the past.  I am asking my blogging friends to help me out.  If anyone has $6 and an ebay account, can you purchase this item for me and I'll either paypal you the money back + send a random jersey card to you in exchange OR you can choose form one of the following cards below as a straight up trade.

Let me know if anyone can help add to my Jason Bay collection
Here's the link
ebay number 370562198018


  1. I'll grab it for ya for the Bumgarner auto.

  2. A Dodgers fan wanting a Giants auto? I wont complain since I'm getting the Bay jersey, but if the apocalypse starts I'm blaming you.

  3. I know, I know. My collecting ways say I'm a bad Dodgers fan haha. Your Bay jersey was "bought now" like an hour ago, and will be paid for tonight. Probably not sooner cause I'm lazy, but definitely tonight haha.

    Also, check you e-mail way way later. Got a link to send you, I think one of the cards within it might interest you.