Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Topps Tribute Post

My family doesn't root root root for the home team.  I root for Pittsburgh teams.  My brother roots for Florida teams.  We have both lived our entire lives in NJ.  Figure that one out....you probably can't.

Yesterday I posted about my love for the Topps Tribute autographs this year.  They're stunning!  Best that Topps has ever put out.  When I saw this Logan Morrison hit ebay, I had to have it.  I was originally planning on getting it for my brother for a future birthday present, but when I saw LoMo tweet this below image I couldn't give it up.  Below you will see a paper that Logan turned in while attending college.  Look at the bonus point area and the stick figure drawing that Logan drew.  LoMo is fricking hysterical.
My favorite part is what the teacher wrote on his test.

Congratulations to the Marlins on their road win vs. the Phillies yesterday.  My brother attended the game and said that the excitement level from Phillies fans was about what you'd see at a funeral.  Something tells me that Phillies fans are in for a long season until Howard comes back.

Today, the Pirates face off against the Dodgers in LA.  Don't forget to join my contest to try to win a Dee Gordon autographed card.  Once the series opening pitch occurs you can not post to randomly win the Dee Gordon card pictured above. 

I suspect that Neil Walker will have a very good series against the Dodgers.  I don't know why, but I just got that feeling.  Here's a 2012 Tribute auto of Neil Walker numbered 17/99.

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