Saturday, April 14, 2012

Almost Perfect

The Pirates offense has been absolutely terrible this season thus far.  Entering Friday's game, they had an NL worse .199 team batting average.  That average went down even further after Matt Cain's near perfect game.  The Pirates need to find a way to jump start this offense.  With only 3 guys contributing to acceptable levels (McCutchen, Presley, and McGehee) the rest of the lineup looks to be automatic outs and more often than not a strike out.  The ball needs to be put in play more often or else the Pirates will continue to get beat in close ball games.

I do not want to see another almost perfect game thrown against the Pirates for the rest of the season.
Let's Go Bucs! Beat those Giants!!!!!

My favorite pitcher Charlie Morton will be taking the mound for the first time this season today.  Last year when the Pirates were in the middle of a 10 game losing streak, Charlie came in and pitched a gem against the Giants in San Fransisco.  Let's hope he can do it again today.

Tomorrow I will reveal the cards available for the Diamondbacks series that can be won, but you can start to say Let's Go Bucs! Beat the DBacks starting on this post.


  1. Let's go Bucs. Beat the Diamondbacks!!

  2. Let's go Bucs. Beat the Pirates.

    I'll be there at the game Monday watching it live.

  3. What the... is that Sandoval card for real? Haha.

    1. Yeah! It's a short print in this year's Topps base set.