Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trade Post with Play at the Plate

I recently made a trade with Brian from play at the plate and am very happy with the trade.  In exchange for some 2012 Heritage and a couple jersey relics, Brian sent me this Pirates loot.

Up first 2 Brian Giles and Jason Kendall cards and their baseball shaped minis from 2003 Upper Deck Standing O.  I had never seen these cards before and am happy to add them to my collection.  I am currently working on my 8th page of Jason Kendall cards and 9th card of Brian Giles.  I only collect those guys in Pirates uniforms and keep all my "hits" in cases.
 Gold and blue parallels.  I've been looking for the 2011 Morton blue parallel for awhile, but couldn't find one cheap enough on ebay or COMC.  More sweet additions to the collection.
Topps 205 from 2003 and their mini counterparts.  It didn't make sense to show the fronts of the minis so I showed the backs.
 I frickin love the Playoff Portraits cards.  They're beautiful and feel like they were actually painted.
 4 McCutchen cards.  2 new ones (2012 opening day and 2012 heritage sticker).  The others are for my girlfriends collection.  Yup she collects baseball cards too. Maybe I'll do a post someday soon showing off her collection.
The 2 Pirates outfielders that will likely be joining Andrew McCutchen in the outfield for many years to come.  Tabata has already been signed long term with option years running through 2019.  Marte has yet to make his MLB debut so he may very well be patrolling the outfield through 2019 too.

Here's the highlights of the trade that Brian sent me.
 a 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cut jersey of Aramis Ramirez numbered 125/500.
a 2003 Topps 205 bat relic of the Pirates all-time slugging percentage leader Brian Giles.

Thanks so much for the great trade Brian.  I'm looking forward to trading with you again in the future.  I recently pulled a 2012 Heritage CJ Wilson Clubhouse Collection jersey if you're interested. 

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  1. Glad you liked everything. If I can find another Pirate relic, I'll let you know because I'm interested in that CJ!