Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls like to collect cards too

My girlfriend is very entertained with opening up boxes of cards and digging through relic/auto cards.  Every time we go to a Target or WalMart she looks through the card aisle to pickup a pack or two.

She even challenges me to a game of Ginter cuffs.

Her favorite players are Ross Ohlendorf (she loves that last name), Garrett Jones, Buster Posey, Bryce Harper, and Pirates prospects Starling Marte and Andrew Lambo.  She's also taken to Casey McGhee this spring training.

She absolutely loves old vintage cards especially Bowman.

On Sunday I mentioned I might do a future post about her collection.  Well, here's some of her favorites of the collection.

Ace of Cakes is one of her favorite shows so I surprised her for Christmas with this fans of the game Duff Goldman autographed card inserted into 2011 Pinnacle Hockey boxes.
Some of her vintage. 

I didn't want to scan every single Ross Ohlendorf card she has, but she has about 2 printing plates, 30+ autographs, 20+ jersey cards, and way too many parallels.  She's also got a couple game used items from Ohly including a complete 1979 throwback uniform signed by Ross himself.

My girlfriend and one of her friends excited to meet Ross before a rain delay game.

 Here's Garrett Jones and Ross Ohlendorf posing with her at PirateFest 2011.


  1. You have found a Gem Mt 1/1 there bud

  2. She's a keeper! I have the Cutch mini put to the side for her.

  3. Occasionally my wife will help open my group break packs, but she usually shows very little interest in any of my hobbies. That said it sounds like you found yourself a winner!

  4. She needs to start her own blog. Seems most of the female card bloggers have been dropping like flies with a few exceptions. And I'm with Colbey there. My wife just shakes her head at me. But she puts up with me very well.

  5. Hell yeah!!! You have collected yerself a great girl with a great collection! Lucky dude you are...