Monday, April 16, 2012

There are no boobs in this post

Last month I posted (with the help of Katy Perry and her bouncing boobs) about how I wanted to complete a nameplate of my last name using players from the Pirates from those Letter cards that UD, Finest, Razor has done in the past.  It was a fun idea and I am getting closer to completing the goal.  Really really close actually.

Today I got the Bill Mazeroski I won on ebay.  Maz cards never go cheap on ebay.  Maybe because he's the greatest defensive 2nd baseman of all time.  Maybe because a lot of people love him for defeating the Yankees with a single swing of the bat in 1960.  Maybe because he's a very humble and kind man.  Whatever the reason, it's tough to get steals on ebay when it comes to Maz cards.  This "K" was no different as it cost me $19.99 shipped.  There's not too many Pirates with Ks in their names though so I had to pull the trigger since the card is limited to 15.

I also managed to grab the letter Y from Jason Bay.  This makes my 4th manufactured letter auto by Bay

Here's the layout so far
 I also have a S from Don Veal and Jason Bay.

the letter E.  Possibly Honus Wagner or Pedro Alvarez.  Still need the base auto letter E for my Daniel McCutchen nameplate.  This letter is starting to piss me off.

Extra letters for my future nameplate projects that I haven't determined yet.

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