Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 HOF Jersey Relics on 1 Card? YES PLEASE

I recently picked up this Willie Stargell and Johnny Bench dual jersey relic.  It's from 2002 Fleer Rival Factions and features a nice yellow jersey swatch for Pops and a plain grey swatch for Bench.  The 1970s rivalry between the Lumber Company (Pirates) and Big Red Machine (Reds) was 2 powerhouse teams battling it out like a war of titans. 
Which team would you root for?


  1. That's an awesome looking card, I always love the yellow swatches on Pirates GU cards. Who would I root for, that would be hard, the Big Red Machine and the We are Family Pirates were two of my favorites, I always go for the national league. I think I will go with the yellow swatched Pirates.

  2. Awesome card. I'd probably say Buccos but for no good reason.

  3. super cool card. arpsmith is right about the yellow swatches. im trying to get a yellow swatch card from reggies days with the A's.

    i gotta go big red machine bcuz the swatch is the greatest catcher of my lifetime.

  4. Give me Pops all day every day! Willie was the first player I fell in love with. Even my 13 year old son now wears 8 in baseball to honor Willie after watching the DVD's of the 79 series.