Sunday, May 20, 2012

Massive Massive Massive Jason Bay Update: Now with 81 hits

The Pirates lost to the Tigers today 4-3 thus losing the series.  To recap, the series it went like this.

Justin Verlander throws 8 1/3 no hit innings as Pirates get killed 6-0.

No one on the Pirates scores except Josh Harrison and Andrew McCutchen as Cutch goes yard twice for 2 2 run homers.  Pirates win 4-3.

Pirates get lead by solo homeruns by Rod Barajas and Neil Walker then a bunch of blooper base hits and up the middle singles gives Tigers a 4-2 lead, until the 9th inning when Josh Harrison scores on a sacrifice fly by Rod Barajas.  Oh and Max Scherzer struck out 15 Pirates in 7 innings.  15 in 7!!!!  WTF!?!!

As much as I wanted to see the Pirates win this series to get closer to that .500 mark, they are heading back to Pittsburgh for a 9 game home stand.  Up first the New York Mets. 

Jason Bay who is one of my favorite players to collect will not be returning from the DL that has kept him out for most of the season.  I do however have a whole bunch of Jason Bay cards to show off that I've been adding over the past couple months.

The below autograph cards cost me a total of $46 shipped.  Less than $8 a card.  The Prominent Numbers is the most limited as there was only 38 copies produced in recognition of Bay's jersey number.  My favorite of the bunch is the Upper Deck Etched in Time numbered 49/250.  It has a futuristic steam punk look to it that I really enjoy.  I miss Upper Deck producing baseball cards.  They made some awesome stuff.

I have also added 2 new patch cards of Jason Bay to my collection.
What's funny about these cards is that they cost me more per card than an autograph.  This makes little sense to me as I think an autograph would command a greater price that a piece of a player's uniform.  These were purchased off ebay for $22 combined.  

And lastly a few jersey cards and a pair of bat cards.
The 2006 Highlights Jersey card from Topps recognizes Jason Bay homering in 6 straight games.  There was another Highlights card that had a bat relic and different picture used.   These were all purchased for less than $3 a piece. 

I now have 81 hits in my Jason Bay collection.  That's fricking crazy!!!! 

I'm going to open up the Let's Go Bucs Contest for the Mets series.  Below are the cards that are up for grabs if the Pirates win the series against the Mets.  Some vintage and a game used Jose Reyes jersey from 2012 Heritage.
I'm really hoping for a sweep to put them at .500.


  1. Let's go Bucs - beat those Mets.

  2. Despite being a Braves fan, I won't turn down free cardboard. As they say in Loo-wee-siana, Let's Geaux Bucs!

  3. That's quite an auto collection.

    I can say it without guilt this time: Let's go, Bucs! Beat those Mets.

  4. Replies
    1. As much as I love the enthusiasm, Dion you always post after the Pirates win the first game. Once the series has started you can't join the contest. LET'S GO BUCS