Sunday, May 27, 2012

MLB Draft prediction and Lets Go Bucs Contest Winner

The Pirates have been closely associated with Deven Marrero being their 1st round draft pick in the 2012 MLB draft.  While I would rather the Bucs select a player with more offensive upside, I do like the pick because Marrero could be a future gold glove shortstop.
I bought the above card for $1.25 off ebay a couple weeks ago when scouts and analysts started talking about Marrero as a future Buc.  I saved on shipping too because I had bought several other cards from the same seller so I figured the card was well worth the price even if he didn't end up in black and gold.

There are about half a dozen names that the Pirates have scouted heavily recently including high school southpaw Max Fried.  The Pirates have taken a number high upside pitchers over the past 3 drafts and have the best minor league 1-2 punch in terms of stuff in Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon.  Both Cole and Taillon look like future aces.  The Pirates may be thinking a positional player with the number 8th overall selection.

Marrero is a glove first shortstop who projects to stay at the position throughout his career.  Going into the season he was perceived as a top 5 pick, but his offensive stats have taken a dip this season.  If Marrero isn't selected by the Bucs, it's predicted that he will fall to the Reds at the 14th overall selection.  I can't wait for the MLB draft as I honestly have no idea what the Pirates are planning on doing or who may fall to them.

The Pirates just swept the Cubs in a 3 game series so someone will be winning the Cubs cards. 
For those that have won these contests, could you please do a post about your winnings or send me an email so I know that the cards have been received. 


Let's find out who our winner is this time...
nope it's not Greg
or Jeff cause I have to randomize it three times
We have a first time winner for the Cubs series.

Dhoff of the great blog Coot Veal and the Vealtones is our winner of the 3 Cubbies cards.  Enjoy!

The Pirates are battling the NL Central leaders Cincinnati Reds at home for a 3 game set.  Let's hope the Bucs can beat them Redlegs to put them back to at least .500
Let's Go Bucs!!!!

Normal rules apply..
if the Pirates win the series, one person wins the cards by
must say Let's Go Bucs in the comments section (along with anything else you have to say)
If the Reds are your favorite team, you get entered twice (just let me know that you root for the Reds)

Here's this series offerings...
 a Frank Robinson 2004 Legendary Cuts Significant Swatches jersey and a 1975 Topps Joe Morgan



  1. hey, how do you choose the winner??? i thought i had better placings on the three randomes??

    1. I enter the people that leave a comment into a list randomizer after the series is completed if the Bucs win or split the series.

      From there the names are jumbled up based upon the number of games played.

      For a 3 game series, I hit random 3 times. For a 2 game series, twice, etc...

      The person's name who is number 1 at the end of the series of randoms wins

  2. That's awesome. I like winning, which makes me like the Bucs winning. Your evil plan for fan domination is working.

  3. Leeeeeeeeeeeeet's

  4. Let's go Bucs!! If I win this time, I'll keep the Robinson and bury the Morgan in the backyard under a pile of dog poo....

  5. Let's Go Bucs! Beat the Red(legs)!

  6. Replies
    1. series started yesterday and the Bucs won so no Robinson for you