Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With so many posts about Archives, how about Fan Favorites?

Quick post today as I don't have much time

A lot of people have been making posts about Topps Archives, but I haven't bought a pack yet.  There wasn't a lot in there that interested me except for picking up the Andrew McCutchen cards.

Topps has been making Archives and Fan Favorite cards for some time now. 

I don't normally pick up the base cards because a lot of them are basically just reprints which I have ZERO interest in.

However, I do like jersey relics
Dave Parker was certainly a fan favorite for the Pirates back in the 70s when he was one of the most talented outfielders in the game.  It even allowed him to become the first player to receive an annual salary of $1 million dollars.  That's right, you heard that correctly.  The Pirates gave out the first $1 million dollar a year contract.  The Pirates who are thought to be a cheap ball club. 

I like the design of this card a lot.  It flows nicely with the Fan Favorites script, jersey relic in the center and the 6 baseballs atop the player's name, position, and team.  Job well done Topps.

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