Monday, May 14, 2012

McCutchen Monday: 2010 Triple Threads Booklet

I've been reading a lot of good books lately.  My most recent one is about a letter that got misplaced in a baseball card of one of the most electrifying center fielders in Pirates history.
Sure it's no T206 Honus Wagner card, but this marks my 5th Andrew McCutchen booklet.  This is quite possibly my second favorite Cutch booklet.  The card features an auto of Cutch where he still used to sign most of his full name as opposed to his current signatures that just feature ACutch.  It also has the letter U from his jersey (possibly from McCutchen or Pittsburgh since it is a road jersey by the grey fabric)  There's also 2 other unique pieces of patch.  The card is numbered 1/3. 

To recap my other Cutch booklets, I'll show them off below.

What do you think of my Cutch book collection?  Which is your favorite?

The Pirates will face off against the Marlins today in a 2 game series in Miami.  The Marlins have had lots of dramatic walkoffs since moving into their new stadium.  Here's hoping the Bucs can at least split the 2 game series.  Let's Go Bucs!


  1. That TTT is super sweet, but I'm a sucker for A&G and that McCutchen/Alvarez book is equally incredible.

    1. Yeah the Cutch/Alvarez is my favorite of the bunch.