Friday, May 25, 2012


I couldn't resist picking up 3 Jason Bay hits that were combined in a lot on ebay for $25 shipped.
This is the largest autograph card I own.
 Who says size doesn't matter?  Here's the front compared to a standard size baseball card.
This is the back of the card.  The card is an 8x10

 The other two cards in the lot were a 2005 Diamond Kings Crowning Moment bat/jersey relic #33/100
 and a 2004 Team Topps Blue Chips AUTO

On another note, the Pirates released Nate McLouth today.  My post yesterday seems eerily Nastrodamus like considering it was titled GO AWAY NATE MCLOUTH!  Weird.
The Pirates have recalled corner infielder Matt Hague to start at 1B today.

The Bucs just held on to another 1 run win and now have the lowest ERA for all bullpens in baseball.  Go Bucs!
Jason Grilli has been untouchable lately raising his strikeouts to 33 for the year in only 18 innings pitched.  Yup that's a 16.5 K/9 folks.  I'll say it again 16.5 K/9.  Crazy numbers!!!!

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