Monday, September 9, 2013

McCutchen Monday: 2013 Pinnacle Collection

My current favorite player in baseball today is Andrew McCutchen.  Quite honestly, he might be my favorite player I've ever gotten a chance to see play. I currently own almost 300 unique cards of Cutch and hope to get that number closer to 400 by the end of the year.  Amongst my cardboard collection of Cutch are many autographs, over a dozen 1/1s, and almost enough jersey material to put his jersey back together.  Back in 2011, I created Morton Mondays, but with the lack of Charlie Morton cards available, I changed it to McCutchen Mondays so each Monday I will show off one new card from my Cutch collection.

To see all my Andrew McCutchen relics, autos, printing plates, manupatches, etc ... check out this link.

Rather than show off just one card today, I thought it would be fun to show off all the new Andrew McCutchen cards available in 2013 Pinnacle.

I've heard a lot of negative reviews on the 2013 Pinnacle brand mainly due to the unlicensed uniforms.  That may be true for many of the other teams, but because nearly all the photography used for the Pirates was when the Bucs were wearing their alternate black uniforms, I think that the cards actually look great.

Up first are the base card and the Museum Collection parallel.  Much like the museum collection parallels that ran in the Pinnacle brand in the 90s, these feature the same foil design.

Pinnacle had some great looking inserts in the 90s and the 2013 version is no different.

First up is the staple Team Pinnacle.  Back when Pinnacle had a license they would produce cards of the best players at each position in each league.  Since their player selection is not as strong, they just went with two really good players on each card.

This Team Pinnacle card features two very talented 5 tool athlete centerfielders: Andrew McCutchen and Matt Kemp.
 Next up is an insert series called Position Powers.  These cards look at milestones achieved by the players at each position.  Nothing earth shattering about these cards to say the least, but its a new unique Cutch card for the collection.

This set of inserts is a lil gimmicky.  Each player for the Clear Vision line has different levels of rarity (single, double, triple, homerun).  I'm currently trying to track down all the other versions, but have the single version for now.

 The final insert series is actually my favorite.  I LOVED acetate clear cards back in the day.  I don't know why, but they just screamed 90s awesome to me.  The card above is Pinnacle Success and features Cutch on a clear card

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