Wednesday, November 19, 2014

15 bucks lil man, put that Grilli in my hand....

I had that Jay & Silent Bob quote in my head when I realized how much I paid for this card.
For $15 I received an autograph of the former closer Jason Grilli.  It's funny how saturated Grilli's autograph has become with Topps.  A few years ago before he became an All-Star closer and Sports Illustrated cover material, tracking his autograph down was almost impossible.  Now Topps is putting him on everything.
2014 Topps Triple Threads AUTO/PATCH 3/10
Which is fine because it keeps the prices low and allows me to grab awesome pieces of cardboard like you see above.  Numbered to only 10 copies and having a really nice patch piece along with an autograph of the former first rounder for $15, well....

For $15 I couldn't resist it especially since I'm putting together a reverse box.  You'll see more Triple Threads appearing on the blog over the next few months as I try to reverse a box.  So far though I have been very successful.


  1. I pick up his stuff every once in a while. He was never one of my favorites so I don't actively search.

    That is a really good deal for such a nice patch and high end product.

    1. Thanks Matt. When it comes to Pirates closers of the new millennium, Hanrahan is still my favorite but Grilli is above everyone else (Capps, Dotel, Gonzalez, Melancon, etc)