Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As is the customary holiday tradition on Thanksgiving, I show off cards with Turkey in them.  Wether its a Butterball promotional card or a Topps Turkey Red, if it says Turkey, it gets highlighted on Thanksgiving.

These 3 cards will be the focus this year.  I've had them since the set was released much much earlier in the season.  I don't remember what I paid for them, but I think I got all 3 for around $8 delivered.

If Pedro Alvarez was in his black alternate uniform, this set would look a lot better.  The Gerrit Cole is probably one of the best images used in the set.  He just looks so intimidating.

Happy Turkey Day folks!  I'm looking forward to the 4 Fs on this day: family, friends, food, and football.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. It'd be even happier if the Bears can turn it around in the second half.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! The Cole image is awesome.