Monday, November 3, 2014

McCutchen Monday: another 2014 goal complete!!!!!

It ran me $50 to grab this 2014 Donruss Series 2 DieCut Gold Auto of Cutch numbered 2/25, but it completes my 2014 goal to have 75 unique Andrew McCutchen certified autographs.  Since I started collecting Cutch back in 2009 his prices have just gotten insane for his autographs.  I remember as recent as early 2012 being able to get an auto/relic from higher end products of Triple Threads, Museum, etc. of his for under $25 and now his auto is fetching $50+ easily.  Nice prime patches of his often go in the same range without an autograph.

So far this year I have been very good about achieving my collecting goals.

I've added several 1 of 1s of Charlie Morton over the year including a 2014 Topps Yellow Printing Plate, the 24 Karat Gold embedded 2012 Topps card, a 2013 Topps Update Black Printing Plate, 2014 Topps Blank Back, 2014 Topps Heritage Blank Back, and a Sign of History Slabbed Cut Auto.  My goal was to add 1 more 1/1 Morton to the collection and I managed to grab 6 so far.  In addition to that I have tracked down several older Mortons that had eluded me for a long time and now I only have 2 non 1/1s needed to complete my Morton supercollection.  They are both Topps Factory Orange parallels from 2012 and 2014 respectively.

In addition to the Morton collection growing I've added several more Andy Van Slyke and Jason Bay cards to my collection surpassing my goal of 36 new cards for the year.  Ryan Doumit however I have struggled with adding only a handful and will likely not pursue collecting anymore of his cards going forward.

I've crossed off several vintage sets which I will show off on upcoming Throwback Thursdays in the coming weeks now that Save the Boobies month is over.

I added a Goose Gossage auto wearing Pirates gear in the first couple days of the new year.

I wanted to get 1/2 a rainbow complete of Tony Sanchez 2009 Bowman Chrome Autographs BGS at 9.5 or higher.  So far I've shown the blue, and base.  Still need a lot more.  This will become a focus as the year comes to a close.

My final goal was to add Bowman Black autographs of the Pirates top prospects.  I love Bowman Black autos.  They just look so beautiful being horizontal with nice big on card silver sharpie autographs. I showed off 3 Tyler Glasnow autographsGregory Polanco, and Jameson Taillon Bowman Black autos this year.  I still need Alen Hanson, Austin Meadows, and whoever they have printed in  this year's 2014 class.


  1. Absolutely beautiful card. Cutch's prices have gotten crazy. I remember passing on a Lineage auto for $5 that ended with no bids because I had already gotten the non-reprint version of the card signed. Craziest thing was that the card was relisted and again ended with no bids.

  2. congrats dude! always enjoy checking out your amazing pickups!