Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tony Tuesday: Another Penny Deal

Last Tuesday, I showed off a gold parallel Topps Pro Debut of Tony Sanchez numbered to 50 I won for only a penny.  Today it's another penny deal of the former first rounder.
2011 Topps Heritage Black Parallel 2/62
Despite what happens to Russell Martin in the offseason, it is almost certain that Tony Sanchez will play some kind of role in the Pirates for the 2015 season whether it's backup catcher, right handed platoon partner at 1B, a pinch hitter, etc.  I still have high hopes for Tony with the Pirates, but the window of opportunity for him to prove himself at the position is narrowing with each passing season.

As for Martin, it's reported that he's looking for a 5 year/$75 million contract.  I appreciate your time in Pittsburgh Russ, but I hope you have a great career.  It's clear the Pirates won't be AND SHOULDN'T be paying that kind of contract.


  1. I'm pulling for Sanchez too, but you are right about the window. He is 26 years old already and still hasn't taken advantage of his opportunities. It wouldn't surprise me if he is part of a trade in the near future.

    1. I'd like for them to just run him out there as the opening day catcher and see what he can do. He came up with some clutch hits last season and when he gets enough reps behind the plate, he seems just as good as Stewart (who I might add is a terrible plan for our opening day everyday starting catcher).

    2. I think they just like Stewart because of all the defensive metrics that say he is a good framer and overall defender. You sacrifice a lot of offense with him though. Tony needs to learn to throw to first base on balls in the dirt. This will probably be Sanchez's last chance to show what he can do. I'm pulling for him.