Monday, November 24, 2014

McCutchen Monday: a pair of Triple Threads

Last week I showed off a Jason Grilli Triple Threads patch and auto and stated that I would do a reverse box of Triple Threads this year before the year is up.  Here's a base card and parallel for the reverse box.

The low numbered gold parallel ran me $7 delivered with the base.  I might actually try to make 2 boxes using the funds it would have cost to make 1 box with the amount of great cards I have been able to pick up reverse boxing it.

So far I have been having good success on this reverse break
For $48 I have grabbed
a very low numbered auto/jumbo jersey relic (/10) Jason Grilli
a pair of gold parallel /99 cards (Alvarez and this McCutchen)
an Amethyst /325 parallel (Alvarez)
an Emerald /50 Triple Relic/AUTO (Andrew Lambo)
3 unique players base cards (McCutchen, Cole, Alvarez)

That leaves me $101 to track down 3 more base cards, 1 more parallel, a Jumbo Relic, and a triple relic.  I have tracked everything down and I must say I did very very well.

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