Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Russell Martin sketch card by Chris Henderson

It's time to deliver another great sketch card by Chris Henderson.  Chris does some of the best sketch cards I have ever seen.  They truly are works of art.  

My latest addition is none other than the player who has the highest Free Agent contract ever issued by the Pittsburgh Pirates, the sensational backstop that helped the Pirates get back to .500, the former Gold Glove and All-Star Catcher Russell Martin.

Like all of Chris' sketch cards, these are 1/1s that feature an uncanny likeness of the player depicted.  This one of course features Russ before his scruffy I'm not going to shave all season long look.

When I initially set this up, I asked for two things from Chris.
1) That he uses the black alternate uniform to keep it consistent with the other sketch cards he's drawn for me (Morton, Marte, McCutchenCole)
2) That Russ is shown with his mask off getting ready to gun down a runner attempting to steal

I will continue to hit Chris up throughout this year and next for more Pirates sketches and most likely some Penguins and Steelers.  If you're interested in arranging to purchase something from his website visit his site.  Let him know that Brian, the Pirates fan sketch collector sent you.  Information can be found on his website below.

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