Sunday, July 14, 2013

1 more Ralph Kiner auto added to the collection

I said I wanted to add 5 new Ralph Kiner autos to my collection this year.  As much as I like adding more of the HOF leftfielder's autograph to my collection, I don't like spending a lot of money to do it.  Ralph signs A LOT!!! Nearly every Topps release now has a Ralph Kiner autograph you can pull.  To try and diversify my collection a little bit, I went to the unlicensed card company Panini and their National Treasures release earlier this year.

I LOVE NATIONAL TREASURES!!!  So many cool autographs, relics, and a much more unique group of players are available.

Now that I have 16 autographs of Mr. Kiner, I can safely say that this Immortal Cuts is probably one of the neater penmanship autos I have.  Many of the autographs of Kiner from Topps get a little scribbly and smushed.  This is clean and clear.

Not a bad pickup for $20.


  1. Topps does put a lot of Kiner autos in their product now and because of his age the sig just doesn't look very good. This one looks amazing though. Even though it's a cut sig, it's gorgeous. Nice pick up!

  2. That is a great pickup for the cot of a blaster.