Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Waner Brothers BAT RELICS

I've been wanting to add more of the Pittsburgh Pirates HOF players relics to my collection over the past year and came across a handful of Panini relics featuring the HOF Waner Brothers.  All these cards below were added to my collection for less than $10 a piece over the past couple months.

Known as Big Poison (Paul) and Little Poison (Lloyd) were key pieces of the Pirates early success in the 20th century.

2012 Prime Cuts Biography BAT RELIC Paul Waner 87/99
Paul went on to collect 3,152 career hits (2,868 in a Pittsburgh uniform) and finished his career with a .333 career batting average over his 20 year career.  Paul also won the MVP award in 1927 (second year in majors) with his .380 batting average and 131 RBI.

2012 Prime Cuts Icons Bat Relic Lloyd Waner 74/99 BAT RELIC
Lloyd, Lil' Poison, was not as talented as his older brother but still manage to have a long and successful career himself.  He finished his career with 2,459 career hits and a .316 batting average.  What's most impressive of the younger Waner though is that he struck out only 173 times over his 18 year career.  5 players in baseball had more strikeouts last year than Lloyd had in his entire career.  That's insane!!! It would be nearly 45 plate appearances before Lloyd would strike out.  Only 2 players have better numbers in the history of the game (Willie Keeler and Joe Sewell).

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